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The more you know going into any project, the better off you will be in the middle of it. This section of the site is devoted to the fundamentals of kayak design and stitch and glue building. This is also where you can get an overview of the software and how to use it to design your kayak. There are many websites out there with great information about kayak design and the stitch and glue building method. As this site is not intended to be a complete encyclopedia of kayaking knowledge, we highly recommend that you research as much as you can before jumping right in to designing a boat. The Stitch -N- Glue Pro software has many features to help you design a good kayak and we will continue adding to the software as time goes on. However, we feel that it is important to stress the fact that it is possible to create a bad design with the software. We chose not to limit the software's design flexibility. Therefore, it is the userís responsibility to do his/her homework concerning what makes a good kayak. Below is an example of what many would consider to be a very bad design. It is extremely Fish form, which means it has a %Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy (%LCB) way below 50% which results in some pretty poor maneuverability.
Follow the links below to research more on design, building and Stitch -N- Glue Pro. Kayak Design Stitch and Glue Building Method Using the software New features in Stitch -N- Glue Pro