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Washington Wood Craft LLC is the only company that provides an inexpensive and easy way for people to design a stitch and glue kayak. This site is dedicated to providing do-it-yourself builders with the ability to easily design and build custom stitch and glue kayaks using our Stitch-N-Glue Pro software! Anyone who has designed and built their own kayak will tell you there is nothing like the feeling you get when you take the boat you've created out for the first time. That feeling is extremely rewarding and never gets old. It is our belief that the design potential for stitch and glue kayaks has not yet been met. The panels in a stitch and glue kayak require very precise shapes in order for them to fit together correctly. Because of this, it used to be very difficult to incorporate curved 'organic' looking lines into the design. The stitch and glue building method is the simplest, least expensive, and quickest way to build a high quality wooden kayak. Whether you are an experienced builder or just starting out, it is a great way to build a boat. Stitch-N-Glue Pro allows users to customize kayak designs according to their own specific requirements, specifications and artistic preferences. Visit the How to section of this site to research kayak design, the stitch and glue building method and how to use the software.
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